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In April 2017 when our beautiful healthy son Max was just 19 months old he started having a few nights of extremely restless sleep/clinginess and then started having trouble walking. Much to our shock he was diagnosed with a malignant Brain Tumour called Anaplastic Ependymoma.

We were rushed interstate for surgery which didn’t go very well, and the Surgeon only managed to resect about 30% of the tumour. We were told another surgery would most likely not be possible even after chemo or radiation as resecting his tumour was just too risky as it was wrapped around his brainstem. This meant Max would have a terminal diagnosis.

We made the decision to seek another opinion and went to Professor Charlie Teo. Charlie managed to get almost all of Max’s tumour removed as safely as possible, this was a huge deal and bought us 3 years of clear scans and great health post treatment.

Unfortunately, Max’s tumour returned when he was 4.5 years old, and then again at 5 years old. This type of tumour is notorious for being resistant to treatment and often returning. The best-case scenario is to remove all of it and with the first surgery.

Sadly, Max passed away on the 9th May 2021 at home in his parents’ arms at 5.5 years old. However, we are eternally grateful for Charlie for giving us 4 extra years that didn’t seem possible in 2017.

Max was the most amazing, happy, smart, kind, beautiful soul who loved life and had a bright future ahead of him which was taken too soon. Born and bred in Darwin, he loved to get out on the boat and fish. He was always eager to catch a bigger fish than dad and we want to honour his life the best way possible and to raise awareness of childhood Brain cancer.

We were grateful Charlie offered life saving surgery and gave us some hope and precious years with Max. Consequently, we choose to Fundraise for the Charlie Teo Foundation as all the money raised goes directly to research for Brain Cancer. The Foundation runs on a low-cost model that is completely transparent and is run mainly by volunteers who often have been affected by brain cancer.

They are bringing hope for a better future by funding research and treatments that can extend lives and eventually find a cure for Brain Cancer.

Along with raising funds for research we want to raise awareness for Pediatric Brain Cancer which is killing more children than any other disease in Australia.

Our plan is to run an annual family friendly fishing competition here in Darwin.


Fund Research

Raise awareness

Create a Legacy for Max

Support other families

Create a fun community event

Start a Foundation in Max’s honour


A family-friendly fishing competition held across the entire Northern Territory over 2 fun-filled days with all funds raised going directly to Brain Cancer Research and to help NT families in Need.

Adult entries will qualify for the lucky door prize for a chance to win a boat from Quality Marine (Valued at $35,000)

The Total Prize pool for The Fishing Competition is over $150,000.

This year’s competition has ended. You can continue to support us by purchasing an item from the shop. Thank you and we hope to catch you again next year.


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Help raise funds towards cancer research while getting a chance to win a part in over $34,000 in prizes! Buy your raffle tickets for these bundles below.

This raffle is now closed. Thank you for supporting this year’s event.



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